Dr. Mark A. Boyd

Certified Church Consultant

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Comprehensive Consult

A customized and tailored consult that consists of:  


  • An assessment of the community, including both demographics and psychographics

  • Interaction and interviews with pastors and church leaders

  • Analysis of the facilities

  • Analysis of social media & website presence

  • Statistical analysis of key church metrics

  • Stewardship/financial analysis

  • Discovery of growth and/or ministry obstacles and opportunities

  • An outsider’s perspective on the worship services

  • Transformational Church Survey

  • Action items for implementation

  • Additional coaching to help with implementation (6 sessions can be added in total, via Zoom or in person).

  • Includes the Revitalization Bundle.

Revitalization Bundle

The Revitalize Bundle consists of three tools to help you know your self, your church, and your community better. These assessments will provide you with the information you need to move forward with revitalization in your church. However, you don’t have to do this alone. A trained coach is provided to help you take the info you have and create a plan that is specifically formulated for your church and context. This is provided as a stand alone bundle when a church prefers not to do the comprehensive consult.





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Ministry Experience You Can Count On

A comprehensive consultation is done by conducting a full-scale analysis of the church utilizing on-site visits, assessment of the community, including both demographics and psychographics, interaction and interviews with pastors and church leaders, analysis of the facility, statistical analysis of key church metrics, stewardship/financial analysis, discovery of growth and/or ministry obstacles and opportunities, an outsider's perspective of the worship services, transformational church survey, and three months of coaching. A written report along with detailed explanations will be provided by Dr. Mark A. Boyd.


Mission statements –  To provide a complete church health assessment with meaningful analysis in order to help the faith community understand the current state of their church and determine a pathway for growth into the future. 


Executive profile –  Dr. Mark A. Boyd came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of eight and surrendered to the ministry when he was fifteen years old. He is a licensed and ordained minister and has pastored Southern Baptist churches in Oklahoma, Ohio, and Texas over the last 30 years. He is currently the Director of Missions for Frisco Baptist Association in SE Oklahoma.

His education consists of a Bachelor of Arts from Oklahoma Baptist University with a major in Church Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Religious Education and a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Health Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a Doctor of Ministry with a specialization in Church Revitalization from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has completed his church consultation certification with Dr. Thom Rainer @ and is in the process of completing his replanting certification with the North American Mission Board.

Bro. Mark also has extensive hospice experience and was the Chief Operations Officer at Hospice of Wichita Falls for several years while serving as a multi-vocational pastor. He enjoys using technology in his ministry and discovering creative ways to use it to reach people for Jesus Christ. He is a commissioned law enforcement officer and gives back to his community as a volunteer reserve deputy for his community. He has been on mission trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, Haiti, and Africa. Mark is a member of the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief Team and is a “yellow hat” with the chain saw teams. 

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